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Month: September 2009

faith courage fear Margaret Mowczko

Faith and Fear

David felt fear when people were seeking to kill him, but he also knew his God and had faith. Ignorance of God, and not fear, is the biggest faith-killer.

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Children of God, worthy, worthless

Children of God!!!

The children in my class were astonished, even incredulous, that we can become children of God. I hope I never lose that sense of amazement.

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Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian isn’t about following a set of rules or guidelines, or living by a set of values. Becoming a Christian means knowing Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and having a relationship and connection with God.

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Following Jesus, Led by the Holy Spirit

Jesus relied on the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance during his earthly ministry. We should too, now that Jesus is in heaven and the Spirit has been sent as his replacement. Following Jesus means being led by the Spirit.

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