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Bibliography for Deacons and Phoebe Articles

Chapters from my “Deacons and Phoebe” Essay

Here are links to most of the chapters of my 2014 research paper entitled “The Roles of Diakonoi, Male and Female, in the Apostolic and Post-Apostolic Church (c. 40–120) with Special Reference to Phoebe of Cenchrea.” I have edited and adapted the chapters for my website.

«  The First Century Church and the Ministry of Women

«  Diakon– Words in Major Lexicons

«  3 Views on the Ministry of the Seven Men in Acts 6

«  Phoebe: A Deacon of the Church in Cenchrea 

The First Century Church and the Ministry of Women
Part 1: Phoebe and the Ministry of Women
Part 2: Ancient Latin Texts in which Phoebe is regarded as an official deacon
Part 3: Phoebe’s Role in Paul’s Mission to Spain
Part 4: Deacons in the Philippian Church and Phoebe
Part 5: Deacons in the Ephesian Church and Phoebe as Patron
Part 6: Deacons and Women in the Apostolic Fathers
Part 7: Summary and Conclusion


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