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Joanna Gospels Luke 8

Partnering Together: Jesus and Women

At a time when women were often regarded as odd and inferior by men and were excluded from many aspects of society, Jesus was interested in the lives of women. He included them, taught them, and accepted their ministry.

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Marcella early church

Marcella of Rome: Academic and Ascetic

Marcella of Rome (325–410), friend of Jerome, dedicated herself and her considerable talents and resources to serving the church and helping the poor. Here’s some information about this remarkable woman.

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equality of men and women

What scholars say about 1 Corinthians 11:7

1 Corinthians 11:7 (“man . . . is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man”) is a baffling Bible verse and there are different ways of understanding it. In this post, I quote interpretations from 5 past scholars and 10 recent scholars.

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Like-minded quarrel argument Philippi

What were Euodia and Syntyche thinking?!

Inspired by a recent reading in Acts, I’ve taken a close look at a common Greek expression that Paul uses when addressing Euodia and Syntyche. What was Paul saying to these women in the Philippian Church?

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Mosaic of Paul presenting Praxedes to Christ

Paul on Gender Roles in Ministry and Marriage

A few verses in Paul’s letters are frequently cited by Christians who exclude women from some ministries. Did Paul really restrict women in either ministry or marriage? This is part 3 of a series on gender roles in the Bible.

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witch endor medium samuel saul

The Witch of Endor, the Dead Prophet, the Doomed King

It is remarkable that the witch of Endor, who dealt in the occult, is portrayed in a sympathetic light in 1 Samuel 28. What is going on here? Did she really conjure up the prophet Samuel? And is it simply a coincidence that the story of Abigail and the story of the witch of Endor are both prefaced with similar statements about Samuel’s death?

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mutual submission Roman Catholic

John Paul II on Mutual Submission in Marriage

The stance of the Roman Catholic Church in regards to mutual submission in marriage is much more egalitarian than the stance of many evangelicals. Here are some interesting excerpts from the Vatican document on the “Dignity of Women” (Mulieris Dignitatem).

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Huldah’s Public Prophetic Ministry

Was there a difference between the ministries of male and female prophets in the Bible? Did male prophets minister publicly and female prophets privately? This is what the authors of Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood assert. Does this view do justice to the memory of Huldah’s influential ministry?

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All about Elizabeth, Luke 1

All About Elizabeth (Luke 1)

According to Luke’s Gospel, Elizabeth was a faithful woman of God who was given a remarkable son, John the Baptist. She was also given a prophetic voice.

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Goodbye New Life

After 8 years, this is my last post from newlife.id.au. My next post will be from my new address MargMowczko.com. I hope you will join me there later this week.

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Women’s Hair in Corinth and in Sydney

Was Paul concerned about women’s hair or veils in ancient Corinth? Would he be concerned about it in 21st-century Sydney? I wrote this piece in response to teaching at the Equip 17 women’s conference.

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Ephesians 5 Gender roles Genesis

Gender Roles Rooted in Creation?

Complementarians believe that men have authority over women. They believe this principle is rooted in creation and is therefore timeless in application. Cynthia Westfall exposes the faults in this thinking.

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