Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism


Phoebe Palmer

Phoebe Palmer: The Mother of the Holiness Movement

Phoebe Palmer was the most influential woman in the American Methodist Church at a time when it was the largest Christian denomination in America. Her adult life was full of astonishing achievements in ministry.

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“Biblical Manhood” that Overlooks and Ignores Women

Complementarian Jeff Robinson relates what he considers to be different expressions of ‘biblical manhood’. Do these activities and qualities really constitute ‘biblical manhood’? And where do women fit with this?

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mutual submission

Double Standards in the Promotion & Practice of Submission

Do the concepts of wifely submission to husbands and the submission to governing authorities require that Christians put up with harmful people, practices, and policies? According to some Christians, the answers are “yes” for wives and “no” for citizens.

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