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Bible women who weren’t “keepers at home”

Some Christians believe God’s ideal is that women should be “keepers at home.” They believe women should be busy in their own homes and stay out of the workforce and away from leadership ministries in the church. Here’s a list of respected Bible women that refutes these ideas.

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Are men superior to women

Are Men Physically Superior to Women?

I’ve been getting emails lately from Christian women who truly believe men are physically superior to women. The hurt and confusion in these emails is profound. Here’s part of an email exchange I’ve had with a young woman named Jade.

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Graham Joseph Hill

“Holding Up Half the Sky” by Graham Joseph Hill

I was honoured to write a foreword to Graham Hill’s book “Holding Up Half the Sky” where he presents a compelling biblical case for women leading and teaching in the church. I’ve included the foreword in this post.

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Kenneth Bailey on Women in the New Testament (Videos)

In this post, I share a series of six 30-minute videos where Dr Kenneth Bailey discusses the topic of women in the New Testament. The late Dr Bailey was a scholar of the New Testament in its Middle Eastern context.

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abuse divorce bible

A Critique of Wayne Grudem’s “Grounds for Divorce”

Wayne Grudem has changed his mind from thinking that only adultery and desertion were permissible reasons for divorce to now accepting that abuse is also a permissible reason. This is good news for some but Grudem’s approach is problematic.

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