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Is a Gender Hierarchy Implicit in the Creation Narrative of Genesis 2:4–25?

Here’s a paper I presented back in September 2015. The paper was published in a book, The Gender Conversation, in 2016. Just recently, the book has been made available as an affordable e-book.

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Is it he, she, they or we who crush the serpent’s head? (Genesis 3:15)

I’ve been using the Common English Bible and was surprised to read God say to the snake, “They will strike your head.” Other translations of Genesis 3:15 have he, she or it will strike. What is the correct understanding of who will attack the serpent? Is it us?

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1 Timothy 2:13: Another reason 1 Timothy 2:12 is not as clear as it seems

Is 1 Timothy 2:13 (“For Adam was formed first and then Eve”) a reason for the prohibition in 1 Timothy 2:12? Does the created order disqualify women from teaching and leading men?

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