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John Piper and Emotional Blackmail

In this post, I express my concern about John Piper’s lack of propriety and wisdom in comments where he references Tozer’s widow. This quotation is posted several times on The Gospel Coalition’s website.

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A shepherd who only feeds the male sheep in his flock?

Matt Chandler states unequivocally, “I teach to men . . . I go after the men.” Matt focuses his ministry on men because, he says, this is how he understands the scriptures. So what happens to the lost sheep who are female? And how does Matt’s focus affect the thousands of women in his flock?

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queens in the Bible

Two Definitions of Femininity

Defining femininity and masculinity is difficult. In this article, Stephanie Phillips Wilkins looks briefly at two definitions of femininity, one from John Piper and one from Jonalyn Fincher.

How would you define femininity?

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