Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism


John 6:22-29

Food that Endures to Eternal Life – John 6:22-29

Just as the barley loaves had satisfied the crowd’s physical hunger, Jesus promised to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

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Jesus walks on water John 6 Gospel

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles – John 7

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is full of messianic symbolism. The Jews expected that the Messiah would come during this annual harvest festival. What did Jesus do at this feast?

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Blindness (1) – John 9:1-3

“Saviour” can mean healer. Jesus wants us to be made whole: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus acts as saviour with the man born blind.

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Blindness (2) – John 9:4-7

The opportunity for Israel to accept Jesus as their Messiah was while Jesus was with them in person. Also, why did Jesus sometimes use saliva when healing?  

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Greg Rakozy via Unspash

Seeking the Glory of God

Many people are hungry for the greatness, grandeur and glory of God. How can we experience and reflect God’s glory?

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monogenēs Greek meaning

Monogenēs: Only Begotten?

The Greek word monogenēs is an important word in Christology. It has been translated as “only begotten” but is this an adequate translation? What was John’s intention in using this word to describe Jesus?

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Proving Jesus is God from Old Testament Scripture

That Jesus is God is indicated by comparing certain Old Testament verses which contain God’s name YHWH with corresponding New Testament verses.

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Covenant meal

The Meal of the New Covenant

Jesus’ Last Supper bears the marks of a covenant meal. When we share Communion we don’t just remember Jesus’ death, we also reaffirm our participation in the New Covenant.

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