Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism

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Following Jesus, Led by the Holy Spirit

Now that Jesus is in heaven and the Spirit has been sent as his replacement, following Jesus means being led by the Spirit.

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Samaritans observing Passover on Mount Gerizim in 2006. Edward Kaprov.(Wikimedia Commons)

A Brief History of the Samaritans

In the time of Jesus, Samaria was situated between the regions of Galilee and Judea. This article briefly looks at the history of the Samaritans.

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igualdade de homens e mulheres no casamento e ministério cristãos

Partnering with Jesus in His Plans and Purposes

God doesn’t need us to achieve his plans and purposes yet he chooses to use us as co-partners in his ministry. How do we partner with Jesus and discern his leading, his plans and his purposes?

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Articles on Luke's Gospel by Margaret Mowczko

An Introduction to John’s Gospel

This introduction briefly highlights some of John’s objectives in writing his account of Jesus’ earthly ministry.

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equality of men and women

JOHN – Bibliography

You can find the list of books and webpages I have used to write the notes for our study of John’s Gospel here.

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Introduction to John's Gospel

John’s Prologue – John 1:1–18

John’s prologue to his Gospel is rich in theology. What did John mean by referring to Jesus as the Word (or logos)? Why did he call Jesus the light?

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John the Baptist’s Testimony – John 1:19-35

In this session we look at who John the Baptist was. Was he the prophet Elijah? What did he say about Jesus?

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Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathaniel and Jacob – John 1:35-51

In this study we look briefly at true discipleship, at our priority in ministry, at what Nathaniel was doing, and more.

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Water into wine John 2

Water into Wine – John 2:1-12

Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana seems frivolous. What did this miracle (sign) mean to John’s Jewish and Greco-Roman audience?

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Jesus clears the temple

Jesus Clears the Temple – John 2:13-23

How do you picture Jesus? How does the Jesus portrayed in traditional, religious art compare with John’s account of Jesus clearing the Temple?

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faith trust belief salvation

Faith, Belief, Trust, and Salvation – John 2:24-25

We are saved by believing in, that is, placing our faith and trust in, Jesus. But what does belief and faith really mean? John 2:24 gives us a clue.

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gender roles, gospels, Jesus, women, submission, Jesus em papéis de gênero

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman in John 4:1–42

In John 4 we read about the Samaritan woman’s life-changing encounter with Jesus. She was very different from Nicodemus.

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Jesus and the Court Official – John 4:43-54

How many people have come to Jesus driven by desperation? How many people have turned to Jesus because there was no other option left? This was the case for the royal official in John chapter 4.

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Jesus calms the storm pexels

The Son of Man – John 5:27

On the face of it, the title “the Son of Man” doesn’t seem that impressive. What does this title really mean? What are its implications?

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Jesus walks on water John 6 Gospel

Jesus Walks on Water – John 6:14-21

A reflection on the story of when Jesus walks on water. Jesus wants us to take courage when we are struggling against the storms of life.

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John 6:22-29

Food that Endures to Eternal Life – John 6:22-29

Just as the barley loaves had satisfied the crowd’s physical hunger, Jesus promised to satisfy their spiritual hunger.

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Jesus walks on water John 6 Gospel

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles – John 7

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is full of messianic symbolism. The Jews expected that the Messiah would come during this annual harvest festival. What did Jesus do at this feast?

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Blindness (1) – John 9:1-3

“Saviour” can mean healer. Jesus wants us to be made whole: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus acts as saviour with the man born blind.

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Blindness (2) – John 9:4-7

The opportunity for Israel to accept Jesus as their Messiah was while Jesus was with them in person. Also, why did Jesus sometimes use saliva when healing?  

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Greg Rakozy via Unspash

Seeking the Glory of God

Many people are hungry for the greatness, grandeur and glory of God. How can we experience and reflect God’s glory?

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monogenēs Greek meaning

Monogenēs: Only Begotten?

The Greek word monogenēs is an important word in Christology. It has been translated as “only begotten” but is this an adequate translation? What was John’s intention in using this word to describe Jesus?

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