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Christian Articles, Bible Studies and Readings in Urdu

Javed Irshad using CBE material in Pakistan

Click on the blue links to access free articles.  Most literature is in pdf format.

Recordings of the Bible read in Urdu here. (This is still incomplete.)
Urdu translations and recordings are by Javed Irshad.
More about Javed’s ministry and translation service here.

A few articles in Sindhi are here.


Recordings of the whole Bible, read by Javed Irshad, are gradually being added here.



A 23-part series of Bible studies on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, in Urdu, is here.



Becoming a Christian – مسیحی بننا  webpage and pdf

What happens when you become a Christian? – کیا ہوتا ہے جب آپ ایک مسیحی بنتے ہیں ؟ webpage and pdf

Reading the Bible – ایک مسیحی کے طور پر بڑھنا ۔ بائبل پڑھنا webpage and pdf

Prayer and Worship – ایک مسیحی کے طور پر بڑھنا ۔ دعا اور بندگی webpage and pdf



The Fullness of Christ (in Urdu) pdf 878kb

Being in Christ (Urdu) pdf

Following Jesus, Led by the Holy Spirit (in Urdu)  pdf 608kb

Instant Christianity? (in Urdu) 665kb

All-Encompassing Faith (in Urdu) 476kb

Why God is Sometimes Silent  620kb

Rewards (in Urdu)

Children of God! 116kb

Guarding your Heart and Mind (in Urdu) 524kb

Some Thoughts on Prayer 474kb

At the Foot of the Cross (Prayer) 601 kb

Motivation for Ministry 246kb

Seeking the Glory of God 288kb

Proving that Jesus is God from the Old Testament 656kb

Is God Male or Masculine? (Part1)  900kb

Is God Male or Masculine? (Part2)  1.3mb

Suffer or Succeed 244kb

Faith and Fear 374kb

Being Filled with the Spirit 1.65mb

Speaking in Tongues and its Uses: Xenoglossia (Part1)  1.2mb

Speaking in Tongues and its Uses: Xenoglossia (Part2) 1.5mb

The Meal of the New Covenant  نئے عہد کا کھان



Towards Biblical Equality – My Story (Part 1) 1mb

Towards Biblical Equality – My Story (Part2) 1mb

The Holy Spirit and Equality  روح القدس اور برابری

A Suitable Helper (Urdu) pdf 641kb

Old Testament Priests and New Testament Ministers pdf 1.22mb

*Paul and Women, in a Nutshell pdf 170kb

Paul’s (gender-inclusive) Qualifications for Church Leaders 9o8kb

Women, Teaching and Deception: 1 Timothy 2:12  651k

Women, Eve and Deception عورت ، حوا  اور دھوکہ

Equality and Unity in Ministry: 1 Corinthians 12

The Chiasm in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (Part 1)

The Chiasm in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (Part 2)

Wayne Grudem on What Women Should Do in Church 679kb

Leading Together in the Home (Urdu) 503kb

Is motherhood the highest calling for women?  584kb

Submission in Marriage   1.41mb

Double Standards in the Promotion and Practise of Submission  818kb

Advice to Newlyweds 866kb

Three Old Testament Women with Clout پرانے عہد نامہ کی تین غیر واضح اثرو رسوخ والی خواتین

Single and Equal  کنواری یا مساوی

All these articles are available in English elsewhere on this site. (Just google the titles.)

Urdu translations are by Javed Irshad.

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