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ordination, authority, Twelve Apostles, priests, women ministers

1 Timothy 2:12, in a Nutshell

In this short article, I sketch the case that 1 Timothy 2:12 says nothing, one way or the other, about whether competent women can be pastors, preachers, priests, elders, or any kind of church leader or minister.

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Titus 2 women, keepers at home, biblical womanhood

Bible women who weren’t “keepers at home”

Some Christians believe God’s ideal is that women should be “keepers at home.” They believe women should be busy in their own homes and stay out of the workforce and away from leadership ministries in the church. Here’s a list of respected Bible women that refutes these ideas.

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equality of men and women

What scholars say about 1 Corinthians 11:7

1 Corinthians 11:7 (“man . . . is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man”) is a baffling Bible verse and there are different ways of understanding it. In this post, I quote interpretations from 5 past scholars and 10 recent scholars.

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Women’s Hair in Corinth and in Sydney

Was Paul concerned about women’s hair or veils in ancient Corinth? Would he be concerned about it in 21st-century Sydney? I wrote this piece in response to teaching at the Equip 17 women’s conference.

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1 Timothy 2:12

1 Timothy 2:12 in Context: Introduction

This 5-part series takes a close look at 1 Timothy 2:12, at what it does and doesn’t say, as well as providing some cultural context. Part 1 looks at the pitfalls of using 1 Timothy 2:12 as a proof text.

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