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Eight years ago today, my website New Life went live. When I started, I expected that my readers would be a smallish group of people who I mostly knew in real life. And I expected that I would write on a variety of topics related to our new life in Jesus. But things have worked out differently.

The vast majority of my readers are people I have never met, and from places I have never visited. And most of my readers are especially interested in my articles about the equality of men and women in marriage and ministry. So, the focus of my website has shifted.

Still, the wonder of our new life in Jesus Christ continues to be the driving force of all my ministry, including this website, which is now mainly though not exclusively focused on issues related to Christian egalitarianism.

Anyway, at the end of the week newlife.id.au will be no more. And this is my last post at this address.

My website has had a complete makeover, a new name, and a new address: MargMowczko.com. All the same articles will be there, but the website will look very different. (Articles with a newlife.id.au web address will redirect to the new website.)

I’m going to miss New Life. It has been my online home for eight years and has brought about many friendships, connections, and ministry opportunities. But I’m excited about my new website.

Unfortunately, with the change, I will lose all my email subscribers, and I will lose all the people who have followed my blog via Networked blogs. If that’s you, I hope you will re-subscribe when the new website goes live later this week. For a while now, I have only posted something new about twice a month, so I promise I won’t flood your email inbox.

Please re-subscribe at my new address this weekend.

I value my network of friends, followers, and readers, and I hope you will join me at MargMowczko.com. If you are on Facebook, you can follow me here.

Here’s to another eight years.


P.S. Here’s a snippet from my new header:

27 thoughts on “Goodbye New Life

  1. Forever grateful for NewLife and the hours and hours and HOURS you have poured into it. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds in your new season. With love, J #flybutterflyfly

    1. Thanks Jen. <3

  2. Congratulations Marg on your success and I wish you a double blessing (like Elisha) in your new place of mission.

    1. Thank you, Marie.

      I have been praying that God will bless men and women through my blog, and that its message will bring freedom, hope and empowerment in Jesus’ name.

  3. Thank you for your indepth research and your logical, intelligent articles! I have appreciated this so much. Its only be in the last year that the Lord has opened my eyes to this very controversial topic! it has been heart wrenching to realize the crippling effect this belief system has had and is having on the church at large! I am allowing God to use me as He sees fit to help the cause for the sake of His Will on earth as it is in heaven.

    1. You’re very welcome, Gwenn.

      “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is my prayer too. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for your very helpful ministry!

  5. I’m looking forward to your continued helpful posts!

    1. Thank you, William.

  6. Thank you! See you on the other site!

    1. You bet!

  7. “Goodbye New Life,” as a statement, does make me chuckle…. What, you’ve decided to back under law??? 😉

    1. hahaha, not likely! 😉

  8. Margaret, you will probably never fully realise what a blessing your blog and wonderfully researched articles have been to people. We here at Ezerkenegedo are so thankful we came across your blog in a time where we were quite honestly frantically looking for answers to what we were scarily realising was false and demeaning and limiting teaching for women in the church. We will definitely be stopping by your new website! New beginnings are so exciting and I know God will be using you greatly yet whatever path he has for you! Much love and blessings – Leanne

    1. Thanks for your deeply encouraging words, Leanne.

  9. I’m very glad you are only changing addresses. And relieved to find your old posts will still be available at the new site, if I understand you correctly. Your excellent scholarship and attention to detail make your articles invaluable to all of your readers. Thank you for your faithfulness in posting as often as you do. It’s no small task and has required perseverance.

    May this “new” beginning be the start of something beautiful. And may you continue to glorify God with your gifts.

    1. Thanks, Julie.
      Yes, 99% of my old articles will be on the new site.

  10. Hello Marg!
    Like Julie, I’m happy to hear that all your fine content will be intact. And I hope the new site will work according to your intentions.

    Knut AK

    1. Thanks Knut AK. And I hope I can expect your continued interactions. 🙂

  11. Many thanks for your interesting and thought provoking articles. Partly as a result of that provocation, and compelled by the Lord, I am planning a conference for Christian women in Ireland next year, called Fearless in Dublin next June. So thanks for the push!

    1. Hi Miriam, It’s lovely to meet a reader from Europe. Most of my readers are Australian and from both north and south America.

      What’s the name of your conference?

  12. Sister Marg, New Life has been a blessing to many and it has been great opportunity for the Little Disciples as it has been placed on your website. Thank you so much for your great work. God bless you!

    1. Hi Javed,

      All your translations and “Little Disciples” information will be on the new website. I hope you’ll help me with the Urdu page when the new website goes live.

  13. The work I read from NewLife saved my sanity. Will be forever grateful, Marg.

    1. Thanks, Mandy.

      This website has saved my sanity too, in a big way. I would have gone crazy if I couldn’t have used my “voice.”

  14. I love your new site, Marg!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! 😀

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