Eight years ago today, my website New Life went live. When I started, I expected that my readers would be a smallish group of people who I mostly knew in real life. And I expected that I would write on a variety of topics related to our new life in Jesus. But things have worked out differently.

The vast majority of my readers are people I have never met, and from places I have never visited. And most of my readers are especially interested in my articles about the equality of men and women in marriage and ministry. So, the focus of my website has shifted.

Still, the wonder of our new life in Jesus Christ continues to be the driving force of all my ministry, including this website, which is now mainly though not exclusively focused on issues related to Christian egalitarianism.

Anyway, at the end of the week newlife.id.au will be no more. And this is my last post at this address.

My website has had a complete makeover, a new name, and a new address: MargMowczko.com. All the same articles will be there, but the website will look very different. (Articles with a newlife.id.au web address will redirect to the new website.)

I’m going to miss New Life. It has been my online home for eight years and has brought about many friendships, connections, and ministry opportunities. But I’m excited about my new website.

Unfortunately, with the change, I will lose all my email subscribers, and I will lose all the people who have followed my blog via Networked blogs. If that’s you, I hope you will re-subscribe when the new website goes live later this week. For a while now, I have only posted something new about twice a month, so I promise I won’t flood your email inbox.

Please re-subscribe at my new address this weekend.

I value my network of friends, followers, and readers, and I hope you will join me at MargMowczko.com. If you are on Facebook, you can follow me here.

Here’s to another eight years.


P.S. Here’s a snippet from my new header: