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Is Junia well known ‘to’ the apostles?

Up until 2001, it was commonly understood that Andronicus and Junia were “notable among the apostles” (Rom. 16:7). In 2001, the ESV translated this phrase as “well known to the apostles.” In the same year, Burer and Wallace published a paper where they concluded that “well known to the apostles” is almost certainly a correct translation. So which is it? Is Junia and her partner among the apostles or known to the apostles?

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What Timothy knew about Paul’s theology of ministry, and 1 Timothy 2:12

Timothy saw firsthand how Paul handled ministry and he must have heard the apostle speak and teach on ministry countless times. So, it doesn’t make sense that 1 Timothy 2:12ff represents Paul’s general teaching on women in ministry that Timothy needed to be told. It makes more sense that 1 Timothy 2:11-15 is Paul’s advice about a specific, local situation and even a specific couple.

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