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The Little Disciples of Jesus – Pakistan


The Little Disciples of Jesus is a Christ-centered, mission-oriented, Spirit-filled, Bible-based missionary organization working among communities in Pakistan with the purpose of reaching little ones who have still not heard the Gospel of truth.

The founder of The Little Disciples of Jesus, Javed Irshad (a former high school language teacher), began his ministry in 2002 with a group of 10 children in his colony, Toba Tek Singh. Since 2002 this ministry has expanded to four other small towns in Pakistan, so that presently, this ministry is working with more than 100 children in five different locations.

The children being cared for by The Little Disciples ministry go to government schools, but they also receive tutoring and Bible studies from Javed and his team.

The Little Disciples of Jesus has also been supporting orphaned children in Toba Tek Singh and Haroonabad since December 2002.  They provide a place for children who have been neglected, surrendered, or orphaned.

Javed is helped in this ministry by his brother Anthony, younger sister Shazia, Samara Thomas, Mrs. Famida Victor and Mrs. Mujahida Amanat, plus other enthusiastic volunteers.


The ministry experiences many difficulties and trials.  In Pakistan, Christians are being discriminated against and persecuted at an extreme level; they are considered and treated as as “untouchables”.

Javed explains the situation of Pakistani Christians:

“Christians in Pakistan are much discriminated against on the basis of religion; the Muslims will not mix with them.  The Christians cannot eat with the same plates as Muslims do, and the Christians cannot drink with the same glasses as the Muslims drink from.  They are of the view that Christians may contaminate their plates and glasses. In public hotels and restaurants, Christians have to declare that they are Christians, so that they can use the plates and glasses specially kept for the Christians, which are often in bad condition.

The syllabus for the children in government schools is also discriminatory; these teach them that they all are Muslims, and that Pakistan is a Muslim country. Christian children are forced to study Islamic Books.  So, keeping all these facts in view, The Little Disciples of Jesus ministry came into being to give the children a Biblical Education, along with Fair Formal Education.”

Javed writes:

“We are very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has allowed us, and moved us within our spirits, to keep on going even in the times of trials, difficulties and hurdles. Our goal is to have one formal Orphanage House where the children may live peacefully and rejoice in the blessing of God for a lodging which they may trust to be their own home. We ask that friends, individuals, and ministries pray along with us for this very purpose.

It has been exciting to see the children growing physically and in the love of Lord Jesus Christ.

God has made a place for these children at The Little Disciples of Jesus ministry where they can be placed out of harm’s way. God has also promised in His Word that He will not leave us as orphans (John 14:18) and we are seeing the literal evidence of that promise through Lord’s grace upon the Little Disciples of Jesus ministry. It is our desire that these precious little ones would be brought up to know their Heavenly Father who is mindful of every sparrow that falls and who has had His hand on them, protecting them and putting into place a plan for each of their lives.”


Prayer and Moral Support: God uses our prayers!  Please pray for the ongoing success and safety of this ministry.  You can contact Javed and encourage him.

Material Aid: Donations of Christian literature and good quality second-hand clothes are very much appreciated.  There is also an ongoing need for school items such as: pencils, note books, reading books and uniforms.  Can you help with this?

Financial Support: Finances are greatly needed  to pay for the children’s school fees (government schools are not free in Pakistan), food and medication.  Donations may be sent through Western Union or Money Gram.  See details below.

Translation Service: Javed Irshad is able to translate English into two major Asian languages: Urdu and Punjabi.  He takes care of the translation work with a team of other able translators.  They remain faithful to the source documents.  Translations are done voluntarily or for an honorarium.  (Articles in Urdu, translated by Javed, are on this page.)

The Little Disciples of Jesus ministry leaders can translate books, articles, studies and teaching materials.  Using The Little Disciples of Jesus ministry’s translation services not only enhances the group’s knowledge and information, but any income also helps a child with food and education!


Email Address: thelittledisciples@yahoo.com

Facebook page here.

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