Fluid leadership vs rigid gender rolesIn response to my previous article, Arthur on Facebook wrote, “In marriage, the leadership role tends to sway depending on the task.” For some reason, the word “sway” resonated with me, and it reminded me of this statement Dale Fincher wrote a while back on his blog Free at Last. (That’s Dale in the photo.)

Leadership is not a criterion for being a man or a woman. Leadership is a fluid and seasonal role you play depending on your responsibility in the moment and the larger task at hand. Some men and women are gifted with more managerial skills than others. Some with more visionary skills than others. It has nothing to do with manhood and has everything to do with being faithful with what you’ve been given.
Dale Fincher in part 2 of Leadership: a poor test for “biblical” manhood.

Leadership does tend to “sway” in marriage and other contexts. And there are many examples in the Bible of fluid leadership exercised by men and by women: some exercised leadership in ad hoc situations and others held lasting leadership positions.

Furthermore, unlike what some Christians may say, the Bible does not define or equate manhood and womanhood with male leadership and female submission. In fact, the Bible doesn’t define manhood and womanhood at all.

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