Exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism


Junias Euodias Nymphas Stephanas

Junia, Nympha, Euodia, Stephana(s): Men or Women?

Some people, aware that the feminine gender of Junia, Nympha and Euodia has been obscured in the past, speculate that Stephanas (1 Cor. 1:16; 16:15-18) was also a woman minister whose gender has been obscured.

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working women in the bible

Working Women in the NT: Priscilla, Lydia and Phoebe

What does the Bible say about working women? Does God want women to stay out of the workforce and stay at home? What is the position that Complementarians, such as John Piper, take on the subject of work and working women?

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Submission and Respect from Wives in 1 Peter 3:1-6

In 1 Peter 3:1-6, Peter instructs wives to be submissive and he uses the examples of “the holy women of the past” and Sarah to help make his points. Who were these “holy women of the past”? In what way did Sarah submit to Abraham?

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Pete and Me

Towards Equality – My Story

This is my account about how I went from thinking that a gender hierarchy in marriage and ministry was God’s design to realising that equality and mutuality is scriptural and God’s ideal.

I have included some of my personal views on topics related to biblical equality or “Casteless Christianity”. [3000 words]

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