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The LSJ entries on Authenteō and Authentēs

✪ αὐθεντέω, to have full power or authority over, τινός 1Ep.Ti.2.12; πρός τινα BGU1208.37 (i b.c.): c. inf., Lyd.Mag.3.42.

2. commit a murder, Sch.A.Eu.42.

αὐθεντημα· auctoramentum, Gloss.

✪ αὐθεντης, ον, ὁ, perpetrator, author, πράξεως Plb.22.14.2; ἰεροσυλίας D.S.16.61: generally, doer, Alex.Rh.p.2 S.; master, δῆμος αὐθέντης χθονός E.Supp.442; voc. αὐθέντα ἥλιε PMag.Leid.W.6.46; condemned by Phryn.96.
2. (cf. αὐτοέντης) perpetrator of a murder or death, Hdt.1.117, E.Rh.873, Th.3.58; τινός E.HF1359, A.R.2.754;, Antipho 3.3.4, D.C.37.13: more loosely, one of a murderer’s family, E.Andr.172.
3. as Adj., ὅμαιμος αό, φόνος, αὐ. θάνατοι, murder by one of the same family, A.Eu.212, Ag.1572 (lyr.). (For αὐτο-ἕντης, cf. συν-έτης, ἁνύω; root sen–, sn–.)

✪ αὐθεντία, ἡ, absolute sway, authority, CIG2701.9 (Mylasa), PLips.37.7 (iv a.d.), Corp.Herm.1.2, Zos.2.33.
b. as honorary appellation (of praetorian prefect), Just.Nov.111 epilogus.
2. restriction, Lxx3Ma.2.29.
3. αὐθεντίᾳ ἀποκτείνας with his own hand, D.C.Fr.102.12.

αὐθεντίζω, take in hand, BGU103.3.

αὐτοεντεί, Adv. with one’s own hand, D.C.58.24 (v.l. αὐτοεντίᾳ, as in Fr.13.2).

αὐτοέντης, ου, ὁ, in S., = αὐθέντης, a murderer, OT107, El.272: also in late Prose, D.C.58.15 (s.v.l.).

αὐτοεντία, ἡ, = αὐθεντία, Id.Fr.13.2.

✪ αὐθεντικός, ή, όν, principal, ἄνεμοι Gp.1.11.1.
2. warranted, authentic, χειρογραφία, ἀποχή, διαθήκη, POxy.260.20 (i a.d.), Ostr.1010, BGU326 ii 23 (ii a.d.); original, ἐπιστολαί PHamb.18ii6 (iii a.d.); ἐπιθύματα PMag.Leid.W.9.15; ὄνομα ib.14.25; authoritative, Ptol.Tetr.182, σπουδή IMylasa134.2, 6 (ii b.c.). Adv. -κῶς, loqui make an authoritative statement, Cic.Att.9.14.2; αὐ. νυντιαβατυρ ib.10.9.1: Comp. -ώτερον with higher authority, Ptol.Tetr.177.
3. subst., αὐ. τό, original copy, PFam.Teb.31.13 (ii a.d.), v. ἔκβασος.

✪ αὐθεντόπωλος, ὁ, son (slave) of the master, Sch.Aristid.p. 54.10 D.

αὐθεντρια, ἡ, fem. of αὐθέντης, = κυρία, Keil-Premerstein Zweiter Bericht142.

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