Western-Style 'Biblical Womanhood' and the Wider World

Here is a link to one of the best articles I have ever read on so-called ‘biblical womanhood’. It shows that “the privileged frivolities of Western homemaking” have nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus and have little to offer the wider world, a world that is harassed and hurting and needs all able workers—Christian men and women—to minister the peace and wholeness (shalom) that Jesus offers.

The article is entitled On Being a Woman After God’s Own Heart: Biblical Womanhood, or Cultural Womanhood? and was written by gifted writer Jenny Rae Armstrong, who knows what she’s talking about. Jenny Rae spent much of her childhood in Liberia during a horrific civil war.

She writes,

“If it doesn’t work for African market women, it doesn’t work for me.” The gospel has to be good news for everyone willing to accept it, no matter their circumstances, or it isn’t good news at all. Besides, why should middle-aged, white Americans get to define what constitutes “a woman after God’s own heart?”

The article was first published in Mutuality magazine earlier this year, and is now posted on the Christians for Biblical Equality website here. Jenny Rae Armstrong’s blog is here.

Biblical womanhood, cultural womanhood


“Liberian Women” by http://www.womeninworldhistory.com/essay-10-01.html. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Pray the Devil Back to Hell via Wikipedia

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