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Phoebe Palmer

Phoebe Palmer: The Mother of the Holiness Movement

Phoebe Palmer was the most influential woman in the American Methodist Church at a time when it was the largest Christian denomination in America. Her adult life was full of astonishing achievements in ministry.

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pexels-photo-398532 1 Corintios

“Biblical Manhood” that Overlooks and Ignores Women

Complementarian Jeff Robinson relates what he considers to be different expressions of ‘biblical manhood’. Do these activities and qualities really constitute ‘biblical manhood’? And where do women fit with this?

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mutual submission

Double Standards in the Promotion & Practice of Submission

Do the concepts of wifely submission to husbands and the submission to governing authorities require that Christians put up with harmful people, practices, and policies? According to some Christians, the answers are “yes” for wives and “no” for citizens.

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gold 1 Peter

Glory, Joy, and Suffering – 1 Peter 1:4-9

Peter reminds his audience of their glorious inheritance and that experiencing trials will prove faith which is of greater worth than gold.

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Beautiful people in the Bible

Peter’s Greeting – 1 Peter 1:1-3

In these few verses, Peter makes some remarkable statements and reveals that each member of the Trinity has a role in salvation. We have a role too.

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Samson's mother

Reading the Bible with a Masculinist Bias

We all have biases. Do you read the Bible through biased blue-tinted lenses? My friend Norman does.

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Old Testament Priests New Testament Ministers

Old Testament Priests & New Covenant Ministers

The fact that only men were permitted to serve as priests in the Old Testament is sometimes used to argue that women cannot be church leaders. There are several significant shortcomings in this argument.

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Canaanite woman Matthew's Gospel

Why God is Sometimes Silent

Matthew records the account of a Canaanite woman crying out for help, but Jesus doesn’t say a word (Matt.15:21-28). Why was Jesus silent? And why, like Jesus in this story, does God sometimes seem silent and remote to us?

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power struggles

More Scary Women of Complementarianism

Mary Kassian recently posted an article on her website about “Scary Straw Women of Complementarity”. But she failed to mention two important women of complementarianism.

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Mary Kassian John Piper Wayne Grudem

Is Complementarianism a Traditional Belief of the Church?

Mary Kassian claims that Complementarianism represents the Church’s “traditional, orthodox, historic belief” on gender. She must be reading different accounts of Church history to me.

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“Nous”: Using your Spiritual Noggin

Ever heard of the theological concept of “nous”? I decided to write a few lines about it.

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Grudem women 83 ministries

Wayne Grudem on What Women Should Do in the Church

In a 1995 article, Wayne Grudem ranked 83 ministries in order of decreasing authority. His lists reveal whether he really thinks men and women are equal.

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equality of men and women

An Introduction to Peter’s First Letter

An introduction to 1 Peter looking at who the letter was written by, who it was written to, where it was written from, as well as its major themes.

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Book of Acts, Pentecost

Speaking in Tongues and Xenoglossia

Here is an overview of scriptures that mention speaking in tongues with a very brief account of the beginning of the Pentecostal Movement which began in 1900. And I describe my personal experience with xenoglossia.

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Ephesians 5:33 fear respect

1 Peter: Aims of our Bible Study

Here are some of my personal hopes and aims for our group as we study 1 Peter together.

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The ESV Bible’s Men-only Club

Out of the almost 100 theologians and scholars who contributed to the ESV Study Bible not one of them was a woman. They were all men!

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Is motherhood the highest calling for women?

Is motherhood the highest calling for women? Is fatherhood the highest calling for men? What did Jesus have to say about this?

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Las mujeres, la enseñanza y el engaño

Women, Teaching, and Deception

Is it logical to prohibit women from teaching grown men? What was the reason for Paul’s prohibition in 1 Timothy 2:12? Was it because Eve was deceived?

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Rewards. Filled with the Spirit, Image via Pexels 67843

Being Filled with the Spirit

In this article, I give a theological & biblical overview of being filled with the Spirit, as well as my personal experience of being filled with the Spirit.

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chosen elect lady senhora eleita 2 João John

Who was the Chosen Lady in 2 John?

John addressed his second letter “to the chosen lady and to her children.” Who was this lady? Was she a mother, a church, or a house church leader?

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1 Peter Bible Studies Margaret Mowczko

The Apostle Peter

Apart from Jesus, more is written about the apostle Peter than any other figure in the New Testament. Peter was devoted to Jesus and transformed by God.

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