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Junia well known to the apostles Romans 16:7 Priscilla

Was Junia well known ‘to’ the apostles?

Were Andronicus and Junia “outstanding/ notable among the apostles” (Rom.16:7 KJV, NIV) or “well known to the apostles” (ESV, NET)?

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Junias Junia Julia Romans 16.7

Junias and Junia in Early Commentaries of Romans 16:7

Here is a list of over a dozen early and medieval scholars who took Junia’s name in Romans 16:7 to be feminine. Junia was a woman and not Junias, a man.

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What I’ve learned from 10 years of blogging on mutuality

After 10 years of blogging, the most important thing I’ve learned from listening to readers’ questions has little to do with the meaning of 1 Timothy 2:12 or Ephesians 5:22ff.

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best bible translation

4 obscure passages sometimes used to diminish women

In this article, I look at 4 passages from the Hebrew Bible (Leviticus 27, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:28, Isaiah 3:12) which are sometimes used to diminish women.

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Valiant or Virtuous Book Review

Valiant or Virtuous? by Suzanne McCarthy

Here is a short review of Suzanne McCarthy’s book, Valiant or Virtuous?: Gender Bias in Bible Translation. Her book is on a topic close to my heart.

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1 timothy 2:12 not all women

3 reasons why it’s a woman, not all women, in 1 Timothy 2:12

Here are 3 reasons why 1 Timothy 2:12 may be about a particular couple in the Ephesian church and not Paul’s general thoughts on women in ministry.

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Biblical manhood and masculinity

Manhood and Masculinity in the ESV

The word “manhood” occurs twice in the English Standard Version. Does this word convey what Paul wanted to say in Eph. 4:13? In what other ways does the ESV create a masculine bias.

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The Holy Spirit and Eve as Helpers

The Holy Spirit and Eve as Helpers

The role of the Holy Spirit as helper (given in John’s Gospel) does not inform our understanding of Eve as helper/ ezer (in Genesis 2), and vice versa. Here’s why.

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St Olympias deaconess

Olympias: Deaconess and Chrysostom’s Friend

Olympias renounced her aristocratic lifestyle to serve the church. She was an ordained deaconess and Chrysostom’s dear friend.

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women at the entrance of the tent of meeting or tabernacle

Women who served at the entrance of the tent of meeting

Who were the women who served at the entrance of the tent of meeting and what did they do? Did their service involve religious rituals?

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1 Corinthians 11

Head Coverings and 1 Corinthians 11:2–16

Do women need to cover their heads in church meetings? What does Paul say about this in 1 Cor. 11:2–16? What were the customs of head coverings in Corinth?

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Portrait of Tabitha or Dorcas, a helper of widows. Acts 9

Tabitha: An Exemplary Disciple (Acts 9:36-42)

Tabitha (AKA Dorcas) is identified as a disciple and described as a generous supporter of the poor. What was her association with the widows of Joppa?

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Prisca women in Romans 16

A List of the 29 People in Romans 16:1-16

Twenty-nine people are mentioned in Romans 16:1-16, including ten women, seven of whom are described in terms of their ministries.

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Apostle Paul Junia Priscilla Nympha Phoebe Persis Tryphena Tryphosa Labourers

Partnering Together: Paul’s Female Coworkers

Paul included women as ministry partners and used the same ministry terms for his male and female co-workers. He didn’t restricts the ministry of godly and gifted women.

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Joanna Gospels Luke 8

Partnering Together: Jesus and Women

At a time when women were often regarded as odd and inferior by men and were excluded from many aspects of society, Jesus included women, taught them, and accepted their ministry.

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agents of Jesus serving God

Partnering Together: Agents of Jesus

This post is an excerpt from a talk I gave at a camp for high-school girls. It’s about understanding and accepting our mission as agents of Jesus.

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created order adam first

The Significance of the Created Order, in a Nutshell

The creation order given in Genesis 2 is often brought up in discussions about ministry and marriage. What significance did Paul place on man being created first?

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gender roles male authority Ephesians 5 Colossians 3

The Household Codes are Primarily about Power

The household codes in Eph. 5-6 and Col. 3-4 are not about gender but primarily about power and about mitigating abuse that often comes with power.

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adultery unfaithful wife jealous husband

Jealousy and Bitter Water (Numbers 5:11-31)

Numbers 5:11-31 outlines the ordeal of bitter water which was designed to test, or prove, the fidelity of a wife suspected by her jealous husband of being unfaithful.

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Marcella early church women

Marcella of Rome: Academic and Ascetic

Marcella of Rome (325–410), friend of Jerome, dedicated herself and her considerable talents and resources to serving the church and helping the poor. Here’s some information about this remarkable woman.

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My Top Posts in 2018

For the few who may be interested, here’s a short post with some of my website stats for 2018. It includes a brief list of my top posts in 2018.

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