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Tertullian on Equality and Mutuality in Marriage

Tertullian, famous for once describing women as “the devil’s gateway,” wrote some wonderful things about equality and mutuality in marriage. He did not regard the household code in Ephesians as either comprehensive or prescriptive.

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The Regalia of Artemis Ephesia

The Regalia of Artemis Ephesia

This essay looks at the distinctive appearance of Artemis of Ephesus, and at what her items of clothing symbolise. A short history of the goddess is also included to help explain her importance and power.

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Jesus on Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery

Churches that misunderstand Jesus’ teaching on divorce increase the suffering and scandal of divorced members. What is the context of Jesus’ teaching on divorce? Did he teach that all second marriages, with a former spouse still living, are adulterous? I argue from scripture that he didn’t.

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Perhaps Feminism is not the Enemy

In this terrific article, Michael Jensen (a Sydney Anglican minister) notes that there are different forms of feminism, and that feminism is not necessarily against Christian principles. He writes: “a Christian point of view has more in common with feminism than not.”

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Book review of Raised from Obscurity

Book Review: Raised from Obscurity

In this post I review Greg Forbes and Scott Harrower’s excellent 2015 book ‘Raised from Obscurity: A Narratival and Theological Study of the Characterization of Women in Luke-Acts’. I highly recommend this book!

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